Welcome to our new website

We are excited about the launch our new website – which will offer easier on-line applications for the parents and, for our students, will offer even more features and interactivity than before.

Since we were formed, we have always strived to innovate; developing our courses and support to offer our students the best teaching inside the lesson and the best support outside of the lesson that technology and resources can provide. It’s one of the things that separates us from the other tuition providers!

When we first started Math’scool, internet was via ‘dial-up-modems’. Internet bandwidths were limited and space on servers was at a premium. Even so, we developed a basic ‘text-only’ Students Area that offered our students support with their homework in-between lessons…

And they loved it!

So, over the years, we have continued to develop the Students Area, adding the full Lesson Notes, Worksheets, much more comprehensive Homework-hints, Past Papers (with hints and worked solutions). Then we added Web Lessons: Short interactive animations that teach some of the simple repetitive techniques that are used in maths. But we’ve always believed that, just as “man cannot live by bread alone”, students cannot learn maths from movies on the internet or software teaching packages. That’s one-way traffic, with no chance for the student to ask questions and a teacher to search out and dispel misunderstandings. They need the guidance of a talented teacher, to spot immediately those that are not following and to provide different perspectives on the same topic, to create a more stable, rounded understanding – that isn’t thrown off course by a ‘curve-ball’ exam question…

Now, we’ve started to redesign the website from scratch again. The Public Area is up and running. It allows parents of prospective students to learn a little bit about what we do, and to see how many places are left on the courses (we used to run out of bandwidth in the old days, now we tend to run out of places) and to apply online as soon as they are ready to do so…

The new Students Area is a project that will take 2-years (at least) to complete. We’ll aim to add greater functionality. Homework Logs will be on-line now, so parents can easily see their child’s performance in the homeworks and tests. No more excuses such as “I’ve lost my homework log” or “I forgot to ask my parent to sign it”… But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. With greater interactivity and a wider range of functions, the Students Area promises to be cutting-edge.

I wonder if any of those students from when we first started Math’scool would recognise what we do now. When I won the National Lecturer Competition, my vision was that, but utilising all that technology had to offer (but in the right way), we could transform the teaching of maths, making maths seem simple.This is me, winning the "National Lecturer Competition", way back in 1989

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