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Numerous studies (including the Institute of Education's massive cohort of 3500 pupils) have questioned whether One-2-One tutors actually do any good. One average, tutored pupils gained an improvement of just ½ a grade, with many showing no improvement at all - but (you should be asking) how is that possible?

Studies have shown that students receiving One-2-One tuition improve by less than ½ a grade. But why?

The reason is that most One-2-One tutors provide 'REACTIVE' tuition; that means they simply ask the student what (s)he wants to go over, or just help with the homework.

Since One-2-One tutors are generally paid by the hour, there is little incentive for them to spend extra time outside the lessons preparing, marking, providing support and most importantly, developing a through and challenging programme of study. This approach gives their lessons an ad-hoc quality and minimal utility.

We set out to address these problems, providing expertly written courses and award-winning teaching backed up with out of lesson support that complements the lesson; this is 'PRO-ACTIVE' tuition at its best - and it really does work - over the last 10-years, virtually all of our GCSE, A-level and Further Maths students have scored A*/A grades.

Award-winning tuition backed up with out of lesson support - at last, tuition that really does work

We've prepared students to study maths at Oxford, Cambridge, Warwick, Imperial and UCL.

But equally, we've had students simply getting the grades they need to study Medicine, Dentistry, Economics, even Fashion Design and other subjects at a range of the top universities.

Most exciting (for us), is that many of our students keep in touch and feel genuine affection for us. We've been invited to so many (past) students' weddings.

Now, if you click on the 'Pedagogy' Tab you can learn what it is we do differently to achieve these jaw-dropping results…

A word of warning: View all results tables with scepticism!

So many places now promise 100% A*/A rates and guarantee your child will get them, it makes me think no-one out there is getting 'B' grades. I'm not saying they're lying, but really… Of course, that begs the question - are we fiddling our figures?

Well, our results are verifiable - the result of each of our full-course students since Math'scool was founded is listed here… (If you think we've missed anyone; tell us.)


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