The Advanced Extension Award (A.E.A.) paper requires no further syllabus based learning beyond the single maths A-level syllabus...

...but the questions are much harder!

Similarly, the Sixth Term Entrance Papers (S.T.E.P.) require no further syllabus knowledge than that covered by "Double Maths" (i.e. A-level Maths and A-level Further Maths) - but again, the questions are a further step up (no pun intended) in difficulty

There really isn't such a thing as 'teaching' AEA or STEP; because there is no syllabus to teach!

Instead, it is about identifying those students that are likely to strive towards that level of competence, and setting them ever more challenging questions as they journey through the syllabus, weaving the thought processes required at that level into their learning at every stage

For that reason, we can only offer support for these papers to those students that we've been fostering the correct approach in since Year 9.

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It could be said that, for those students with highly developed mathematical ability, A-level maths simply isn't challenging enough!

A.E.A. and S.T.E.P. papers are used by universities to distinguish between those A* students and the A* students that have good mathematical ability, but achieved their A* more though a meticulous approach to the exam

Course Benefits

  • There is really no such thing as A E.A. or S.T.E.P. course - the syllabus is the same as the A-level maths and further maths syllabus, but the questions are just much harder
  • So 'preparation' for those exams has to be woven into the teaching at all stages, by identifying the students that have the determination and potential early on
  • It helps a lot if students complete the syllabus early as that knowledge is more settled in their minds - these questions are designed to twist and stretch their understanding of that knowledge in unexpected way...
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