One-2-One Tuition

We also offer a limited number of One-2-One tuition slots

We do not offer REACTIVE One-2-One tuition (which is where the tutor turns up, asks the student what (s)he wants help with and then leaves; never having to consider the students needs again until the next lesson).

We only offer PRO-ACTIVE tuition; after the first lesson, we start to write a program of learning working at the ideal pace for that individual, specifically to challenge them and to introduce additional non-syllabus based learning to stimulate mathematical thinking. The lesson program is continually adapted throughout the academic year; which means that we need to spend time outside of the lesson; marking, evaluating and adapting.

One-2-One tuition is naturally more expensive; but can be ideal in specific cases - for instance, if a student needs to cover a lot of A-level maths modules in a shorter space of time that we'd normally consider acceptable for classroom based learning, for students that need help with university entrance exams, or for students that need help with specific difficulties.

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We try to give you as much information as we think you'd need on the website, but without providing an information overload! So, if you have any unanswered questions, then please call us on 0844 840 8500


A lot of parents see One-2-One tuition as the 'GOLD STANDARD' of tuition; but that isn't necessarily the case. Teachers, teaching a class of students, naturally spend a lot of time outside of the lesson, preparing and fine-tuning examples to convey the concepts in the best possible way. But most One-2-One tutors don't; they make up ad-hoc explanations and risk confusing the student. We don't!

Benefits of PRO-ACTIVE One-2-One Tuition

  • One-2-One tuition is provided by myself; Dr Deepak Shah.
  • I spend time outside of the lesson to evaluate work from the previous lesson, prepare for the next lesson and identify suitable extension material that will challenge and improve that individual student.
  • The minimum course length is 1 academic year.
  • Students wishing to learn the entire GCSE maths syllabus will require up to 2-years. However, since the pace of learning depends upon the students capabilities; some students are able to cover the work in 1-academic year.
  • Students wishing to learn A-level maths modules can select up to 4 modules to cover in an academic year. However, since the pace of learning depends upon the students capabilities; it is sometimes the case that we can cover only 3 modules, and other times it is possible to cover 5 modules...
  • Students are given out-of-lesson support with the homework, so they can always make a proper attempt at it.

Lesson Structure

One-2-One lesson usually take place in my home (central Harrow), or at the students house if that is within a 15 minute drive of central Harrow.

Each lesson is 2-hours long, during which time we will go over any corrections required for the previous homework, learn the new topics set for the lesson, do some practice questions and leave the student with the homework set for the next lesson and some work to challenge the student.

I also spend a few minutes discussing their child's progress with the parent and advise on any problems or issues I can forsee. If the parent is not there, then I will leave a note for the parent.

Course Practicalities

The whole point of One-2-One tuition (i.e. the type of One-2-One tuition that is the 'GOLD STANDARD'), is that the tutor can work at a pace that is exhilarating for the student and can reach out beyond the syllabus, teaching the student not just how to do maths, but how to think like a mathematician.

That means, that, unlike the small-group tuition, the amount of work covered cannot be pre-set at the start of the course...

So, for an 11+ student, we advise a minimum of 1-academic year to prepare a student properly and not rush into past paper practice too early (which then sets the student up with completely the wrong approach to learning - they'll think it's a guessing game).

The GCSE syllabus takes at least 1-academic year to cover, when a student is already very good at the Key Stage 3 work, but to teach the GCSE and to build a solid foundation for further study (NO! They are not the same thing), takes 2-years of study, again allowing for a complete understanding of the syllabus before past paper practice is commenced.

A-level students that have a rock-solid understanding of the algebra basis (i.e. who were taught GCSE properly - regardless of whether they scored an A* or not), can expect to cover 4 modules a year with One-2-One tuition. However, if I encounter underlying problems with the prerequisite knowledge, then that can slow the progress until those are resolved; consequently, even 3 modules a year can become a bit of a stretch...

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