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In the meantime, there is some homework that  needs to complete before the first lesson: This is mainly Web Lessons which are short, fun and (crucially) INTERACTIVE ANIMATIONS that demonstrate and explain how to apply some routine mathematical techniques and test 's focus and understanding at each step...

...the system automatically returns data on 's progress through each of these Interactive Web Lessons, which we analyse carefully - so we already have some comprehension of 's mathematical thinking even before the first lesson!

We use Web Lessons to teach these simple, repetitive, algorithmic techniques - because they free up lesson time, but also because animations teach repetitive techniques better than we can, with face-to-face teaching. (Not so for the bulk of maths - which does require skilled direct teaching)
What better way to keep 's brain occupied and stimulated over the summer, when other students are suffering are falling back and will return in September suffering from Brain Drain!

The summer homework is listed in the Students' Portal (see panel at top of page).
For now, (until you complete the fee payment form) has been granted access to a limited section of the Student's Portal. 

The Next Step (anytime, but by 4th September at the latest):

At the start of September, you'll also receive an email reminding you that you need to pay to set up the monthly fee payment plan for the course fees...
You can do that by completing the FEE PAYMENT INSTRUCTION below:

  • You can complete the FEE PAYMENT INSTRUCTION anytime before the deadline (4th September).
  • The initial COMMITMENT is for 9 monthly payments on all courses for NEW APPLICANTS and One-2-One Applicants (2-to-1, 3-to-1 etc...)
    (except the FM Class, where the commitment is for 12 monthly payments for both new and for continuing students)
  • For NEW APPLICANTS on the Year 11 or the A2 Course, the payment authority below is for 9 payments, as these courses are the final year of the 2-year GCSE/A-level Course respectively
  • For NEW APPLICANTS on the Year 9, the Year 10 or the AS Course, the payment authority below is for 21 payments (the full length of the 2-year course), but you'll be given the option to withdraw from the course at the end of the initial COMMITMENT PERIOD (9 payments). If you elect not to withdraw after the 9th payment, then the final commitment is for a further 12 monthly payments to cover the 2nd year of the course at the preferential rate - which always means you'll be less by continuing, than a new student joining just for the 2nd year...
  • The monthly payments will commence as soon as you complete the form - but will AUTOMATICALLY STOP after 9-payments (Yr 11/A2/1-2-1), 12-payments (FM Class), 21-payments (Yr10/AS), so whenever you decide complete the form, the total amount taken will be the same and access to the Students' Area will continue for the full length of the course...
    (DON'T WORRY: Yr10/AS students can opt to leave the course after the inital commitment of 9-payments)
  • Also be aware that reminders just before each fee is about to be taken will be sent to , so either set up email forwarding, or contact us to ask us to change the email address for access to the Portal (the two must be the same)
  • These fees include a 15% discount for prompt payments. Please ensure that no payments are missed (if your account details change, go to the billing area and update your payment details immediately). If a payment attempt fails, then you'll get a notification and the system will re-try a few days later. If a manual intervention is required by us for non-payment, then that incurs extra costs for us, so the 15% discount will no longer apply to the entire period of the commitment.

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